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This hottie didn’t want to take her panties off while having sex, instead she wanted to pull them to one side while keeping them on. Her man wasn’t complaining, he loved watching his clock slip in and out of that plump vulva as he guided it up the inside of her lingerie. I guess it also meant he didn’t have to worry about using a tissue afterwards, he could just let the spunk collect in those panties. It was also an added turn on as she was wearing rather sexy lingerie.

What would you do, would you deposit your man load deep into her wet pussy allowing her the pleasure of feeling your warm man juice secreting out afterwards as it filled the lining of her tight panties or would you withdraw at the last second and spurt your load all over her lingerie? I think I might withdraw and cum over her panties, at least that would leave her pussy clean of spunk meaning I could go down for a nosh later if I so desired. It is a hard one as I have been back for seconds before and seeing your lovers panties filled with your cum stains can in itself be quite arousing.

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I keep coming back to Kirsty Blue time and time again, she is easily my favorite panty loving milf. I used the quick search function in the top right menu today searching out older posts about Kirsty and even I was shocked at how many times I have made a reference to her, I might even have to launch my own fan based dedication site as I have made so many mentions of this hot panty wearing godess. Today we see Kirsty spreading those long legs wide and giving us a perfect view of her neat and trimmed pussy through her see through panties.

I guess Kirsty was getting just as turned on as us as we watched and enjoyed those legs being parted, she just couldn’t wait to get her hand down between her legs as she started to rub one out through the fine material. Slowly masturbating herself first on the outside and then on the inside of her panties Kirsty got both her panties and her fingers nice and sticky with her own cum juice. It would seem such a waste so do we have a volunteer to lap it up?

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Upskirt Panty Erotica

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Work today was long and hard, it was hot and the drive home was full of morons. My wife had called earlier to say that it would be a good few hours before she made it home so I would have to cook my own dinner. I was starting to think it couldn’t get much worse but all my problems were soon forgotten as I walked through the front door. There standing at the window with her back to me was my sister-in-law, she was staying with us for a few days, I had always had a slight soft spot for her so I didn’t mind.

At first I just stood and stared at her gorgeous ass beaming out at me through her white panties, her skirt high around her hips and legs slightly crossed. “How was your day?” I asked just in case she hadn’t heard me come in, “fine and yours?” she replied without moving. “Been better but I am home now” I told her in a hurried voice in case she broke the pose and turned around. I now felt slightly panicked, what if she discovered her ass was on show and I hadn’t told her, she would think I was some kind of pervert. My panic however was short lived when she invited me to come over and look out of the window.

I stood next to her and looked out into the open fields which we lived opposite, “beautiful isn’t it” I said, “what the fields or my panties” came back the reply. I paused unsure what to say, excitement filled my body, her standing at the window with her panties on show was all purposefully done and now the ball was in my court. Without saying another word I leaned back to take another look at her ass, in doing so she parted her legs, cocking her ass out even further.

Feeling more daring I stroked her ass with my hand, her panties were so soft and her butt very firm. I allowed my hand to glide over her roundness and down to between her legs, I could feel the warmth of her pussy as I teased her through the panties. I increased the pressure more and more until I had a firm grip of her pussy, albeit through the cotton of her panties but it didn’t stop her wetness secreting though into my palm.

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Whale Tail Panties

Do you love seeing women wear low rise jeans provocatively showing the back of their thongs off as they pop out over the top? How many times while out and about do you see pretty women revealing the top of their panties, quite a lot I would imagine unless Iam just lucky and it is just me who lives in a more free and easy area? Skimpy thongs are now very much part of a girls every day fashion conscious wardrobe, girls select and buy nice thong panties with the knowledge that they are going to be seen.

These hotties know that their thongs are on full show as they go whale tailing down the high street or as they hit the dance floor at the weekend. It is their way of grabbing your attention but once they have that attention then what? How would you deal with a horny hottie who has given you the eye contact and a smile knowing that you have just drooled with lust over her revealing skimpy thong?

Whale Tail Panties

Which Type Of Panty Sex

I was sent both these sample galleries to look over. The first is hot panty fetish queen Tiffany Preston wearing her shiny lilac panties and white fishnet stockings. After stroking and sucking her guys cock she slipped it into her panties giving him a panty job with a difference. The mixture of the smooth panties on top and the underside of his cock rubbing against the rough side of those fishnets had him on the edge in no time. Tiffany was already wet herself and the musky scent of her pussy juice was just too much and she had him spurting his load inside those panties pretty damn quick. The smile on Tiffanys face said that she quite enjoyed the feeling of his warm gooh filling her crotch.

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The second gallery is from Tiffanys friend, the self confessed femdom Sarah Vickers. Sarah preferred riding her mans cock deep into her pussy but he wasn’t going to be allowed to empty his swollen bollocks in that warm tight cunt. Oh no, he was going to have to slip it inside those crotchless nylons and make a sticky mess. Watch as he empties his nuts inside those silky nylons spilling out copious amounts of love juice by clicking the link below.

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It doesn’t really matter which one you prefer because if you join one site you get the other plus a further four sites FREE – Six amazing sites for the price of just one. I am a panty man myself but the thought of thrusting my cock in that tight pussy then spurting my load over her smooth flesh inside those nylons is most appealing. I nearly suggested starting with Sarah Vickers but hey this is a panty site and you should always start with the girl wearing panties right?

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Panty Facesitting

Look at this chick treating her man to a nice faceful or musky ass and sweet scented pussy as she plonks herself down onto his face wearing just her red lace panties. This guy was so busy on his workout machine and interested in his own body that he failed to notice his girlfriend walking around in her erotic lingerie. Deciding to teach him a lesson she squatted above him before sitting that panty covered butt straight down into his mush. He didn’t struggle much and do you blame him? If this hottie smells and tastes half as good as she looks I think we would all be up for a bit of panty facesitting. I think the hottie sitting on his face enjoyed herself too wriggling about and pressing her pussy down hard into his face.

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Shiny Cheerleader Panties

How do you like cheerleader panties, not any old kind of cheerleaders panty, nice shiny white ones. I was sent this site to look at yesterday and I have been thoroughly enjoying myself at the hot chicks all parading around showing off their lingerie. Not a cock in site so those who prefer panty fucking and panty sex won’t be too impressed because this site might not be hardcore enough for them but a girl showing off her panties is always a tick in my box no matter what the end result and they do show off their tight pussy quite a bit.

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Dirty Upskirt Panty Sex

I had to sit for a while and analyze just why I found this particular image so damn hot and appealing. The female is obviously middle age, she is wearing pantyhose and a red thong that is probably a size too small, the female herself is probably carrying a few extra pounds.

This might not be to everyones liking yet as soon as I looked at this picture it gave me an instant arousal. I think partly because she is an everyday milf next door type of woman, she isn’t some model with an over skinny body posing in her clean just purchased for the photo shoot panties.

It also looks so very warm and inviting up there, I would imagine that she has been wearing those tight red panties for most of the day, you can clearly see that they are pressed tightly against her pussy and the back of the thong disappears right between those ass cheeks. This milf is also wearing stockings, that is an extra turn on in most guys book.

I imagine myself running my hands up those silky nylon covered legs and feeling the warmth from her groin increasing as I approach the top. I gently massage her pussy through the skimpy red cotton and I can feel a feint moistness emanating out. As she spreads her legs slightly further apart I raise my head up her flowing skirt taking deep breathes and savouring her aromatic charm before my mouth greets her aching pussy.

I press my tongue firmly against the taught cotton treating myself to the sweet taste of her pussy through the constraining fabric. I feel her clit increasing in size as the blood rushes to her labia swelling it to double the size and giving her a protruding cameltoe before introducing my own manhood ready for some action.

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Genuine Upskirt

Genuine upskirt panty shots are getting pretty hard to come by. Celebrity upskirts seem to be allowed but anything taken without the females knowledge has been getting a lot of photographers into hot water. Upskirt Mania has a nice mix of fantasy and genuine panty upskirts, it is the nearest I have found to unstaged voyeurism. Yes there is a mixture of real and fake but the fake stuff being more fantasy makes it all seem more acceptable.

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Panty Fucking

You know the feeling, you see a hot looking girl wearing pretty tight panties. In a teasing fashion she gyrates her hips while arching her back giving you a full on view. You admire her swollen vulva as it protrudes from beneath the cotton fabric and is that a small damp spot that you see appearing as her love juice begins to flow?

Staring at her panty covered groin you have a boner that feels like it is going to snap in your pants. Lust and desire start to take over and as she drops her panties to the floor you stick your cock in that honey pot screwing her pussy like there is no tomorrow.

But why? Why remove the panties that gave you a such a hardon?? How much more enjoyable would it be to slip your cock into that slippery wet hole leaving the panties in place. Fucked Panties is full of women getting shagged while their panties remain in situ.

Panty Sucking

Johane loves having her pussy licked the only problem is she enjoys it so much she cums in super quick time. Leaving her panties and stockings in place and having her pussy sucked through the layers of material cushions the sensation for Johane meaning she can last that little bit longer.

Enjoy Johane having her pussy orally worked on before pulling her red panties to one side and enjoying a hard fast shag as her man spurts his cum deep inside that wet pussy. Leaving her with a sticky creampie mess to clean up Johane uses her panties stuffing them deep in her snatch to soak up her mans love fluid.

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Panty Sex Dates


Okay I am open minded when I see adverts for xxx dating sites, sex dates, or women looking for adult fuck buddies and no strings sex. However as long as they are free to join and you can create and view other peoples profiles for free and you only need to pay a joining fee ‘if’ someone contacts you I thought what have I got to lose.

Cutting to the chase the lady pictured above sent me an email from the Adult Fuck Buddy dating site with this attached image and a message;

Married but bored, non smoker looking for fun, if you would like to ease my panties out of my pussy and sample my charms please reply to xxxxxxxx

We exchanged a couple of swift emails, she gave me her mobile phone number and we met and had some great fun together. One more thing to add here, I did receive a picture of her top half before we met and I assure you it matches the expectations laid when you see her looking as hot as this. I know they say you don’t poke the fire while stoking it but still…

Just a thumbs up then to my fellow panty loving fans, if you fancy getting your cock inside a pair of bored housewifes panties you know where to look. If the thought of meeting a no strings shag partner scares you a little just enjoy this picture, oh it will bring me some happy memories rushing back for quite some time!

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