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Work today was long and hard, it was hot and the drive home was full of morons. My wife had called earlier to say that it would be a good few hours before she made it home so I would have to cook my own dinner. I was starting to think it couldn’t get much worse but all my problems were soon forgotten as I walked through the front door. There standing at the window with her back to me was my sister-in-law, she was staying with us for a few days, I had always had a slight soft spot for her so I didn’t mind.

At first I just stood and stared at her gorgeous ass beaming out at me through her white panties, her skirt high around her hips and legs slightly crossed. “How was your day?” I asked just in case she hadn’t heard me come in, “fine and yours?” she replied without moving. “Been better but I am home now” I told her in a hurried voice in case she broke the pose and turned around. I now felt slightly panicked, what if she discovered her ass was on show and I hadn’t told her, she would think I was some kind of pervert. My panic however was short lived when she invited me to come over and look out of the window.

I stood next to her and looked out into the open fields which we lived opposite, “beautiful isn’t it” I said, “what the fields or my panties” came back the reply. I paused unsure what to say, excitement filled my body, her standing at the window with her panties on show was all purposefully done and now the ball was in my court. Without saying another word I leaned back to take another look at her ass, in doing so she parted her legs, cocking her ass out even further.

Feeling more daring I stroked her ass with my hand, her panties were so soft and her butt very firm. I allowed my hand to glide over her roundness and down to between her legs, I could feel the warmth of her pussy as I teased her through the panties. I increased the pressure more and more until I had a firm grip of her pussy, albeit through the cotton of her panties but it didn’t stop her wetness secreting though into my palm.

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Panty Porn

I have said it before and I will say it again, when it comes to panty porn you cannot beat sites that feature women who fully understand why and what it is that makes guys love looking at women in their panties. I have seen so many sites, especially teen style ones that try and rake in extra membeship fee’s by knocking out a half hearted effort at a panty porn site. You must have seen the ones I am talking about, teen models who parade around in panties that look at least two sizes too large. 

To really appreciate what excitement a pair of panties or a thong can do for a man the female wearing them has to also feel good in them. They need to get a thrill out of what they are wearing, she has to enjoy the feel of the soft fabric against her skin and she needs to get genuinely turned on by guys looking at her in those panties. For panty porn to work the female wearer has to also have a fetish for panties.

Meet two of my all time favorite panty wearing girls, Kelly Dee along with Kirsty Blue. Both of these ladies exceed in the criteria required when it comes to the ultimate panty porn experience, they even chat with their members on the forums sharing ideas and putting together movies and galleries that YOU would like to see, not what one studio producers idea of a panty porn is. These two women cater for the real panty connoisseur, they cater for guys who are fed up trawling through the same garbage day after day in the search for quality panty porn.

White PantiesKelly Dee PantiesPanty Porn
Kelly – White Panty Tease Gallery

Kelly Dee – Loves to tease you indoors and out with her panty and stocking image and movie galleries. Kelly has had her site three years and always enjoys chatting with her members and taking on board their fantasies and desires. A very horny panty wearing girl who also enjoys the feel of a quality pair of nylons against her skin.

MilfUpskirt PantiesUpskirt
Kirsty Blue – Experienced Panty Porn Milf

Kirsty Blue – After being online for over 10 years and with constant updates you can imagine the vast amount of material that has been gathered, over 150 FULL length videos for starters. This is a panty MILF not to be missed and my number one all time favorite site when it comes to panty related porn.

 Teen PantiesTeen UpskirtPanty Teen
Lilly Anne – Teen Panties With A Theme

Lilly Anne – A lover herself of stockings, pantyhose and panties, Lilly updates her site FIVE times a week and each of her galleries and movie collections have a special theme to them. A close friend of both Kelly and Kirsty

Probably the best part which I have saved till last, a membership password to any of the three gains you access to the other two. These girls work on the basis that you will want to remain a member so they look after not just your panty desire but your trust as well. NO sneaky upsells, no emailing ex members, no passing on your email and ONE click cancellations that are not hidden away and hard to find.


Panty party

Warning – Following Erotica Property Of panty Sex Porn

Earlier in the week I heard my sister talking with her friend on the phone.  As I quite often did, I listened in on the extension downstairs.  What?  That’s how I get some of the best dirt on her.  How else am I supposed to blackmail her when she finds out about some of the things I’ve done?    But this time I found out something much better than black mail material.

First of all, she and her very hot girlfriend, Shayla, were having a conversation about all the stuff that they had bought at the mall earlier in the day.  Jenni, my sister, did nothing but shop in the summer.  I have no clue where she got her money from but I assumed she must work sometimes because she bought a lot of stuff.  The jeans and makeup talk was really boring but I knew if I hung in there, there was bound to be something worth listening for.

And sure enough there was.  They had apparently gone to the lingerie store where there was a huge sale on panties.  It sounded like they had bought out the entire damn store.  Shayla was talking about these pink cotton boy cut briefs that she’d bought.  They were stretchy and had purple lace around the outside.  She said she was wearing that at that very moment and I was imagining her standing there in one of those white tank tops she always wore and those pink cotton panties.  And yes, I have to admit that imagining her like that was making me awfully hard!

Then Jenni said that she wished that there had been more than one pair of those white lace panties that Corri had bought.  She said they were really cute but she didn’t have the tan that Corri did to really pull them off but someone named Jason had requested a pair.  That part confused me for a second but I was thinking of Corri’s tanned leaned body in a pair of white lace panties.  Damn – now that is a sight that I would love to see.

“I need to have 10 pairs of panties ready to ship by Monday.  And they all have to smell good, too.  Do you want to have a sleepover on Saturday?”  Shayla was saying.

What the hell?

“Ya, I have to have some ready as well.  I guess Jason will have to be satisfied with the pink lace panties that I bought instead.  I’ll bring my toys so we can get them nice and sweet smelling!”

“Do you want to have the party here or at your place?”

“Let’s have it here.  My folks are going to be out of town for the weekend and my stupid brother is going to that party at Brandon’s house.  He’ll likely pass out there or something.”

“Ok – I’ll call Corri and Layla and we’ll have some fun and make some money!”

“And let’s head back to the mall – I heard one of the sales clerks saying that there was some new stock coming in at the end of the day today.  Maybe we can find some more cute panties for our clients.”

I quietly hung up the phone.  What the hell was my little sister doing?  She may be only 18 but I knew that girl was smart.  She pulled straight A’s in high school and she was heading to college in the fall but she was very business smart already.  It sounded like she was selling her panties or something.  But could she really be that dirty?  And Shyla, Corri, and Layla, too?

I knew I had to find out so I sat up all night long and hatched a plan.

The next morning I got up early and headed over to the Computer Palace.  I wanted to be back before Jenni left because I needed to know when her room was going to be empty and it had to be empty for at least an hour.  I drained my bank account to purchase three of the smallest cordless webcams that I could afford.  And then I rushed back to the house to get things set up.

Jenni was still there so first I got the three cams configured to my computer.  When I finally heard them leave I rushed into Jenni’s room and got to business.  About an hour later I gave myself a pat on the back.  I had the three cams hidden in strategic spots around her room.  She’d never see them and I was going to have the best view on Saturday night of whatever was going to happen.

Saturday at 7pm Shayla turned up.  Then Corri and then Layla.  Then I left with a 12 of beer under my arm as if I was planning to stay out all night long.  Just what they wanted me to think!

I stayed gone for a good hour and a half.  I had a few beers with the guys before I started faking sick and said I had to go home.  When I got back to the house I climbed the tree that went between our two bedrooms.  I could see in the window of Jenni’s room and they were all still hanging out.  Looked like I hadn’t missed anything yet. Then I climbed in my bedroom window, carefully slid it shut, and double checked to make sure the door was locked.  It was all good.

I sat at my computer and got everything set up.  They were moving around the room now and there was some Top 40 radio channel on in the back ground. 

“So guys, which ones first?  The lavender panties with the bows or the plain granny panties for that freak in Alabama?” Corri was saying.  I couldn’t help but snicker at those white granny panties and half way hoped that she’d start with those.

“Definitely the granny panties.  I have to do a pair of plain white cotton briefs as well so we might as well do it at the same time,” said Layla.

Layla and Corri stripped out of their pajama bottoms.  They had nothing on underneath and two of the cams were useless but one gave me a great view of Layla’s shaved bush and Corri’s little blonde tuft of pubic hair.  Then they put on the granny panties and the white briefs.  They started dancing around the room.

And you know, I’d never have guess that granny panties and white briefs would turn me on so much but on Layla and Corri they were downright hot.  But that was nothing in comparison to what I was going to get.  Jenni (who, even though she was my sister, was pretty hot in her own right) and Shayla stripped down as well.  Jenni put on a pair of pink lace cheeky panties and Shayla put on a red thong. 

Then, they started dancing around the room to some song that I didn’t recognize.  And they were really going at it, getting all hot and sweaty.  They were only wearing either t-shirts or tank tops on top so I could see every boob jiggle and every ass shake.  One of the cameras was always catching something hot.  But that wasn’t it. 

Shayla reached over into a bag and pulled out four vibrators. Then the four of then sat down – two on the bed, one in the chair, and the other one on Jenni’s desk – and they started rubbing the vibrators against their pussies through the panties.  They were giggling and laughing the entire time about how juicy they were getting and how they would have cum stained panties in no time at all.  They just kept going at it until finally, Layla came. 

No sooner had she stopped shuddering from her orgasm than she had whipped off the white cotton briefs she was wearing and slipped them in a zip lock bag.  She pulled out a marker and wrote something on the bag and then reached into her backpack and pulled out another pair of girly undies.  These ones were blue bikini panties.  As she rubbed her pussy through the cute panties the other girls came and did the same thing.

And it just went on and on all night long.  They must have gone through at least 7 or 8 pairs each.  And every kind of panty you can imagine.  Blue panties, pink panties, white panties – every color of the rainbow was represented.  Shayla had a thing for thong panties but Corri and Layla got lots of cotton panties of all different sizes.  I know Jenni went through a lot as well but I was trying not to pay too much attention to her.  It wasn’t hard to keep my eyes on the other girls though.  Shayla, Corri, and Layla were the girls I fantasized about in high school and now I was watching them dance in their panties and get their panties all gooey with girl cum.

At the end of the night they packed them up into boxes of various sizes and wrote addresses on them.  I guess my suspicions were right – my sister and her friends were making their money by selling their used panties!  I’d never have guessed my sister was such a freak!

And I was really hoping that they’d have a few more panty parties before someone discovered my web cams.  Did I dare leave them there for next time?


Why Panties Turn Me On

A sexy pair of panties, the last obstacle between you and your woman’s honey pot. It is no wonder that so many of us just love seeing a beautiful woman in a tight pair of panties. As the lust between you grows and she gently parts her legs, you can see the taut fabric of her panties outlining her vulva. Her shapely bulge hidden behind the cotton, letting us vaguely distinguish the profile of its protruding inner and outer labia and its fleshy maybe swollen clitoris.

You want to dive straight in but you know that the vision before you is a big part of the enjoyment, the anticipation of what awaits you. How moist will her pussy be, how much does it desire your touch or your kiss. Wanting to fill your senses to their limit you gently lower your face into her crotch smelling her sexual desire. You know that the soft absorbent material has been in constant contact with her love nest and now you wish to smell the greatest perfume god gifted to women, the natural musky scent of a moist vagina.

We are not talking unwashed or dirty, we are talking of a lady who has showered and refreshed herself after a long day and who has popped on a nice crisp white pair of panties to enjoy an evening out. While enjoying the evening she has been turned on by your company, she has had a warm glow building between her thighs and what she has produced for the past couple of hours is pure love juice which has nowhere to go apart from the lining of her panties.

As you breathe in deep the aromatic smell sends you dizzy with desire giving you a head rush that loses you in the moment. You cannot stand it any longer and your fingers start to probe for her moist patch as you slip your hand down the waist band of her panties. As you start to tease her slit the teasing becomes to intense for your woman and she thrusts up her pelvis engulfing your probing digit.

Your hand starts to rub away at her wet pussy, your fingers gliding in and out like a well oiled machine, all you can see however is her stretched panties as you continue to masturbate her but you don’t mind, you know your turn is just around the corner!!!



Panty Fetish – Worn Panties

Panties are the item closest to a woman’s body, not just her body, her most intimate part, her pussy. They hold all the scent that makes a woman a woman, the scent that only a woman can have, the natural scent that god gifted her and the most natural man pulling perfume on earth. Every woman has her favorite pair of panties and at the end of the day she discards them into the laundry basket and they are seldom handled by anyone else apart from the lady that owns them. For me having a pair of panties that have been worn and unwashed is like having a piece of her with me… (continued on panty fetish page).


Whale Tail Panties

What is a Whale Tail? Apart from the obvious fact relating the the rear end of the largest mammal on earth, a  whale tail is the effect that happens when a girls G-string or Thong becomes exposed above the trouser line as she walks, bends over or squats. The appearance of this Y-shaped fabric termed a whale tail is more a fashion statement in today’s modern society.

Panties which used to be a very personal piece of undergarments and made only viewable to those wearing them and their loved ones, are now much more knowingly displayed by many women who wear low rise jeans or trousers in combination with higher cut thongs.

The rise in popularity of the whale tail started when a Gucci model revealed one on the catwalk in the late 1990’s. Celebrities have also helped to ensure that panties have become more of a provocative garment intended for public display rather than a piece of clothing rarely seen (well unless your name is Britney Spears).

One thing which should always be avoided when displaying your whale tail panties for public viewing, ensure that the tag is removed or at least tucked in. If you would like to view some examples of good fashion statement whale tales, panties being exposed just slightly in a provocative manner then check out Whale Tail’n.


Mature Panties – Lady Sonia

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I keep seeing images of Lady Sonia, although very sexy I have until now been blinded with the thought that she is just a UK fetish milf but how wrong I was. This mature lady has kept her body in amazing shape as you can see here with her curvy ass in fishnets and black panties. Lady Sonia is quite an amazing site with shed loads of panty and pantyhose material alongside the material that some might call a fetish side to it. I cannot stress enough that lovers of both panties and pantyhose material really should take two clicks in checking out the material that this English babe has to offer.

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